A walk in the city and a portrait shoot

As much as I love taking photos in the countryside, I also love shooting in the city. When someone asks me to take photos of them for their professional profiles, my first instinct is not to shoot in a studio, it's to take photos outside - amongst concrete, windows, stairs, walls.

I simply love the natural light and contrasts I can create outdoors. I also feel like the photos turn out to be more natural, the person comes across as more approachable. Don't you agree?

So when Juliane asked me to take some photos of her, we simply walked around Berlin for an hour, trying to find some nice backdrops and corners and took photos. These are my favourite shoots as everything is relaxed and so the person I photograph is, too.

I am really happy with the photos - some are less formal than others but Juliane wanted to use these photos for a variety of things. And let's be honest. Who doesn't like to have a nice selection of photos of themselves at hand?

If you are looking on having your portrait taken in a city environment too, let me know! I currently spend most of my time in Amsterdam and Berlin, so photoshoots can easily be arranged. I am also happy to travel to other cities - simply send me a message. I'd love a chat!


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