Branding & Webdesign for The Puppy Collective

After having done the website for Ella over at Kirby Dog Training two years ago, Ella approached me this year with a new project she was working on - The Puppy Collective. Together with Becca, from Behaviour by Becca, she joined forces to launch this monthly virtual training and behaviour mentorship for young dogs.

My work started by looking at Ella's as well as Becca's branding. Based on that, I created a colour palette and logo which combined their brandings and created one new and fun one.

After the colour palette and logo was established, I hand drew the fun graphics in the brand colours - I was aiming at a fun and playful appearance because it was aimed at young dogs and their owners - with the black spots almost looking like Dalmation spots too. The simple logo carried a graduation hat so that the audience could easily understand what's behind the name.

In the end, a very attractive and fresh website went online that we all were very pleased with. Check it out at


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