Creating a folky, natural branding and website for a musician & music teacher

This summer, one of the projects I worked at and really enjoyed was working with England-based musician and music teacher Alistair MacKenzie on his branding and freshening up his website.

I am a big fan of colours and normally start by creating a colour palette with my clients and taking everything else from there. Alistair's speciality is folk music and he teaches instruments such as Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo and Mandolin so we were looking for colours that were moody and natural, symbolising land and sea because that's what a lot of folk songs are about. We also chose some maritime and folky graphics that worked well on the website.

As for the logo, Alistair had a drawing of his in mind that he wanted to be incorporated. So I created a logo that worked well with the drawing but also as a stand-alone logo if needs be.


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