Kirby Dog Services: Branding, Website & Print Design

When my old friend Ella asked me whether I could help with her rebranding and new website, I was all in. She had a pretty good idea of what she wanted for her logo but was very open about the branding and website. She wanted something unique and fun, something that set her apart from the other dog trainers in town.

Ella's dog training business is named after her late dog Kirby. So it was understandable that Kirby had to be centre stage. She wanted him to be included in the logo and also sent me a lot of photos with him, that she wanted to be included on the website.

I worked on a colour pallet with Ella, something that resonated with her personally. I am all about colour and believe that if you are a small business owner, a colour pallet that speaks to you will also speak to your clients as they will be able to identify with you straight away.

In Ella's case, we ended up with tropical blues, a gentle rose and a cheeky peach colour. It was perfect! It showed her personality as a person and a dog trainer and set her apart from the rest.

For her social media, I created some teasers and quotes to be used in the upcoming weeks that were in line with the new branding.

To get the word out, we also created some pretty amazing and colourful flyers (printed with black and white ink on three different coloured papers matching the colour pallet). You can also read more about that over here.

Nicky has been instrumental in helping grow my dog training business with her amazing flair for design and branding. Nicky created everything! From my website, to my logo, flyers, advice on sourcing a printer, and all my marketing materials.
I had lots to think about and do when setting up my business; creating a logo and branding was something I only had rough ideas about and I needed someone who could understand the type of business I had and the type of clients I would want to attract and somehow put that focus into what was created for me. Nicky listened to my very ‘brief’ brief and created a beautiful, standout and industry relevant result within a short timescale. My emerging business suddenly felt professional and the branding gives a fantastic first impression to my clients and is really “me”, I couldn’t be happier with the result. I get so many compliments from my clients about my website and branding. I can’t thank Nicky enough for all that she has done for me and will continue to refer her to everyone who needs help with their branding and marketing design.

If you are also interested in new branding, finding the right colour pallet for your business or simply need some help with printing flyers or business cards, drop me a line! I would love to help!


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