Birth Announcement Cards for a baby born Down Under

When my friend Loreen contacted me and asked whether I would help with creating her birth announcement cards, I said yes immediately. After she had shared some ideas and a Pinterest board with me, it became pretty clear, that she really wanted koalas incorporated in the design, as her little daughter was born down under.

One morning I had a pretty clear idea in my head of what I wanted this koala mama holding her baby to look like. And by the end of the day, I had a drawing I was happy with. Because I knew I wanted to screen print these by hand, it had to be minimalistic in a way. I also created a colour palette, which resembled Australia to me because it was loosely based on aboriginal art. Then, I did what I love doing the most - finding the right papers in the right colours and mocking up a few options for her.

In the end, Loreen decided to go with the sand-coloured card and a matching sun-yellow envelope. Inside, I printed a message on the left side and made cuts on the right side of the card to insert photos into, that could be sent to friends and family. I loved creating these for her. Each card was printed and confectioned by hand with a lot of love and care.


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