Webdesign for a pup bakery

Owning a dog, means you meet so many other dog owners. Shortly after I moved to Amsterdam, I met Sabrina and her lovely dog Milton, through my own dog Woody. Sabrina was in the middle of starting CiaoMilton, her own little "pup bakery" and asked me whether I could help with her website and whether I maybe had some ideas on how to brand her packaging.

In the end, the packaging solution was quite simple. Because Sabrina already had the bags and boxes for packaging her lovely cookies and cakes, we simply ordered stamps with her logo on, that could be used on the unprinted bags and boxes. That way, even the bags carried the message, that everything is handmade and therefore baked and packed with love and care.

For the website, we stuck to a clean colour pallet and let photos of her products, ingredients and her dog Milton take centre stage.

If you live in Amsterdam and need some natural dog treats or cakes, visit www.ciaomilton.com


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